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This course stands independently as an introduction to the craft of Lost wax casting using the block investment technique.

Previous knowledge and experience of casting is useful but not essential to enrol on this course.

Session 1     9.00am to 12.30pm
Lunch                12.30 to 1.30
Session 2     1.30pm to 4.00pm (approx)

Course Content (For Sessions 1 & 2)
The course will cover demonstrations of the following allowing students to then use the techniques to make their lost wax castings through the medium of block investment:
By the end of the day participants will have cast a small brass artefact involving the following skills and experiences:

  • Sculpt a model in clay
  • Prepare an alginate mould
  • Cast a wax model
  • Sprue and mounted the wax model in flask
  • Mixed investment plaster and pour into flask
  • Melt out wax
  • Burn out wax residues
  • Remove moisture and heat up flask
  • Safety equipment and safe working practices
  • Lighting and charging the furnace, fluxing and degassing
  • Melting brass and pouring
  • Properties of molten metals
  • Procedures for pouring molten metal
  • Knocking out the Flask
  • Dressing the completed castings.

Handouts covering course content will be provided and students will also be able to purchase moulding items  from our foundry store. If you require any products please let us know in advance so that we can ensure that they are ins stock and ready for collection.

Tea /Coffee and a light lunch will be provided. (Please notify us of any special dietary requirements)

Clothing / Footwear
You will need to be appropriately dressed for a workshop environment. Natural fabric is best.
You should wear tough leather shoes or boots preferably with steel toe caps.
Feel free to bring note book, pencil, camera if you wish to document the day’s activities. A memory stick is useful to make copies of some larger documents.

Your hobbies
We understand you are interested in further developing your casting skills so it may be useful to bring along drawings, photographs and or parts so that we can look at and discuss possible ways of achieving your goals

N.B. We will not be able to cast these components on the day.

Terms & Conditions
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